I am requesting your help in keeping soccer off of the grass area North of the Artificial Turf Fields at Trillium.

I am e-mailing all users of Trillium E & W.

The area is clearly signed and is not meant as a warm up area for groups waiting to use the AT fields.

Quite often the effect is compounded by groups seeing another group using this area, and they in turn also ignore the signage, and so on.

Given the number of groups which use both of these fields on a weekly basis, this public park area will be denuded of grass in short order esp given the weather conditions in the Fall / Winter.

There is also an unfenced playground located in this area which is not a good mix of activities.


Please pass this information on to your groups for their attention.

If you could remind groups or let me know who is doing this it would be much appreciated.

I thank you  for your help in this matter.


Doug Pirozek
Coordinator for Outdoor Sports Facilities
Vancouver Park Board
4575 Clancy Loranger Way
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2M4
ph: 604-257-8493  fax: 604-257-8501
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
To All Team Managers,

Please remember do not tip the goal post and have them banging on to the field when putting up your nets, as this may result in damage to the goal post.

This has happen already and this happens again, we may lose our permits for the the fields

Albert Manson
President USL


Congratulations to

Division ONE Champion ARCOIRIS F.C.
Division One Top Scorer Shamin Oboudiyat of SIERRA F.C.

Division Two Champion VIET UNITED
Division Two Top Scorer Cris Bao Dinh of VIET UNITED

Division Three Champion EPFC

Division Three Top Scorer Paul Gibson of SIARON F.C.


Thanks Again to all the teams participated in ULTRA SOCCER LEAGUE THIS SUMMER

Albert Manson

To All Team Managers

It has been brought to our attention again by The Burnaby Parks Board, that two teams were drinking again at the field and the parking lot.

It is in our Rules and Regulation in regards to drinking either at Burnaby Parks Board or Vancouver Parks Board fields or Parking lot or any fields we use.

Keep in mind any teams get caught drinking at any Park Board fields or Parking lot will not only face a fine, but will be expelled from the league and have their bond forfeited.

Albert Manson

Winter League meeting August 9th 11.00 AM at Burnaby Lake Office


Albert Manson
USL President

Top two teams from each division plus the two second best will make the play offs.
Play offs will start on July 29th,30th 31st and August 11th

Top two teams from each division plus the two second best will make the play offs.

Play offs will start on July 29th,30th 31st and August 11th.


Albert Manson

USL President

To All Team Managers

Ultra Soccer League has been inform on May 26th by Burnaby Parks Board that, our teams has been going on to fields earlier then our allotted time.

Please make sure that your team only go on to the field when our allotted time is up.

Thank you all for your co-operation.

Albert Manson
USL President
To All Team Managers

Please have your team list fill out before the start of the match, please print the the names out
make it legible, do not scribble in your players names.